Common Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid

So you are practicing a whole new skincare routine, but you're still not seeing results. Sound familiar? Here’s an update, you could be making some common skincare mistakes!  Just applying good moisturisers and serums do not give you glowing skin but practicing the right skincare will absolutely give you the results you always wanted. Keep reading to learn about the most common skin-care mistakes according to dermatologists and try to remember and apply them in your daily skincare routine.

Here are some common skincare mistakes you should avoid while practicing your skincare routine:

 1. Using hot water to wash your face

You should never wash your face with hot water as it strips out natural oils from your skin and leaves your skin dry and parched. So always wash your face with lukewarm/ cold water. Turn down the heat and use lukewarm water.

2. Not taking your makeup off at night

One of the most common and harmful skin mistakes is to not take off your makeup before sleeping. The skin regains its moisture and repairs the damaged cells when you are asleep. Sleeping with makeup clogs the pores and doesn’t allow the skin to replenish and work to your advantage at night, this can lead to acne or breakouts.

3. Do not Over exfoliate

If you use toners, scrubs, retinoids daily you are all over-exfoliating way too much. You should only use one exfoliator at a time, as over-exfoliating makes your skin acne-prone, sensitive, and dry.  Understand your skin type and select your exfoliators wisely:

4. Not Moisturising your skin

No matter what your skin type is, you have to moisturise your skin twice a day. You should have the right moisturiser according to your skin to prevent breakouts.

For Oily skin: 

For Dry Skin:  

5. Not using the right cleanser 

Using the right cleanser is very important as harsh chemicals and leave your skin dry, here are some recommendations for you to select the right cleanser for your face:

Oily skin: 

Dry skin: 

The right cleanser will add moisture and hydration to your skin leading to a clear glowing acne-free skin.
6. Not wearing SPF

Wearing an SPF is a must for skin health to protect the skin from UV radiations, uneven skin tone and is the most effective anti-aging product. Here are some sunscreens we would recommend:

  These sunscreens work wonders on your skin.

Making common skincare mistakes can stop your skin from being healthy and youthful. Stick to a simple skincare routine that's suitable for your skin type and keep these tips in mind to get a glowing and healthy skin.




3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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