“It’s not just about having people of color in a marketing campaign - we need to be in leadership positions helping to drive strategies.”

Health and well-being are basic rights that everyone deserves, as an industry, though, “wellness” is not nearly as inclusive. Golde is an independent, Brooklyn-born brand centered in making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty. 

Rich Skxn aim to change the game for inclusitivity in retail by stocking innovative skin products by brands with brown and black founders, like Golde.

Golde founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford knows that a wellness industry founded on true wellness means one that is filled with diverse founders offering products designed for all people.

You can buy Golde on our website. 

3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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