How To Build Your Skin Care Routine - Basic or Advanced

Having a consistent skin care routine for your skin type is one of the most important aspects of self care. 

More often than not, it takes several products to address both your skin type and skin concerns.

Everybody’s skin is different and requires different care and ingredients. The perfect starting point would to identify your skin type - which you can do through our free Skin Quiz, found on our website.

Basic Skincare routine

If you are just beginning your skin care journey, or have a very busy schedule, it may be more practical to start with a very basic routine. This would also be suitable if you have a smaller budget. A basic routine should include:

    1. Cleanser: Radiance Brightening Cleanser 
    2. Moisturiser: Cera Ve Moisturising Lotion 
    3. SPF: Ultra Sheer Defence SPF 50+


Advanced Skincare routine

If you have been in the skin care game for a while now, or you want to treat a skin concern or have a routine for a desired goal, you might be looking to level up and add more products and ingredients into your routine. For an advanced routine, we would suggest:

    1. Cleanser: Awake Fruit Enzyme Face Cleanser 
    2. Toner: Radiance Brightening Toner 
    3. Treatment: Depending on skin concern
    4. Serum: Doyenne Retinol Face Serum 
    5. Eye Serum: Emulsion Eye Cream
    6. Moisturiser: Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream
    7. SPF: Solar defence Mineral SPF

    Extra Helpful Tips

    1. Make sure you wash your hands before washing your face.
    2. Double cleanse (make sure you’re removing every last bit of dirt and unwanted bacteria!)
    3. Use a face brush (It’s important to clean your face brush before use too!)
    4. Use a muslin cloth rather than a towel to dry your face (towels are breeding grounds for bacteria).
    5. Pat your face dry rather than rubbing the cloth over your face.
    6. When applying toners, serums, moisturisers, oils and SPF move your fingers in an upwards motion (ie give your face a massage).
    7. When applying eye cream, tap it in rather than rubbing it.
    8. When applying moisturiser and SPF, don’t forget about your ears and neck (you will thank us later in life for this one!)


    3 secrets to clear skin 

    - Balance your hormones

    - Increase your antioxidant intake

    - Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

    Rich Skxn