How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Glowing

Is your skin feeling dry and dull, even though you use a moisturiser? It’s probably in need of some extra hydration. Ever wondered why a moisturiser is not enough, or if you are using the right hydrating products for your skin?  

Melanin-rich skin often has lower levels of ceramides i.e. it's hard to retain moisture in the skin as compared to lighter skin tones.

Hydration is very important for healthy skin so here are some need-to-know hydration tips for you.

What is Skin Hydration?

Skin hydration plays an important role in creating a barrier for your skin that protects it against harsh weather conditions as well as pollution. A hydrated skin feels exactly how it sounds, it's smooth even-toned giving your skin a glow.

Signs of Dehydrated skin

If you have itchy, dull, patchy skin or fine lines or wrinkles, your skin can be dehydrated.
Anyone can have dehydrated skin, even if your skin type is oily or dry.

Best ways to Hydrate Your Skin:

1) Eat water-rich foods

The easiest way to hydrate from the inside is to eat water-rich foods like peaches, watermelon, spinach and celery, including these in your diet makes your skin supple and healthy.

2) Drink more water

Just as simple as that! Increasing your water intake helps the skin to say hydrated and improves your skin from the inside out.

3) Use a gentle cleanser

Using a cleanser that doesn't wash off moisture from your skin is very important, the CeraVe facial cleanser works to preserve moisture from environmental pollutants, giving a hydrated, healthy-looking finish.

4) Always moisturise on a damp skin

After cleansing, gently pat your skin and leave it damp rather than completely dry. Applying moisturiser to damp skin is a simple way to lock in moisture and aid skin hydration.

5) Use products containing Hyaluronic acid and Pedptides 

A hydrating serum will do the work for you and can be used day and night between cleansing and moisturising for smoother, plump, and hydrated skin.

 Here are some Rich Skxn Recommendations:

  • Hyaluronic H2O Créme
  • Rose Water Face Dew Hydrating Toner
  • Tropics Moisturiser

  • 6) Use a face mask on a weekly basis

    A hydrating face mask helps retain moisture in the skin and nourishes dehydrated cells of the skin, pampering your skin with the Oh Whale Aqua Mask which is packed with hydrating ingredients to keep your skin moist and healthy. 

    7) Do Not forget SPF

    Applying SPF daily not only protects your skin against UV rays but also aids skin hydration by forming a physical barrier on top of the skin that locks in moisture and keeps your skin supple.

    3 secrets to clear skin 

    - Balance your hormones

    - Increase your antioxidant intake

    - Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

    Rich Skxn