Mask Acne

Mask acne is real!  Acne caused by wearing a face mask especially during summer is far from ideal. But we must keep wearing it to keep others and ourselves safe. 

Mask Acne

Our Rich Skxn Experts have some tips you can follow to cure or prevent Mask acne

But First, what causes Mask Acne?

Mask acne is caused by friction from the mask on skin. The friction irritates the skin's surface causing your pores to become blocked. Mixed with the moisture and bacteria that forms under the mask and the acne starts to form the surface of your skin. 

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Tips to prevent future mask breakouts

#1 Cleanse skin before and after wearing your mask. 

  • Cleansing beforehand removes any impurities to ensure they aren’t trapped on the skin all day.
  •  Always cleanse after you remove your mask to get rid of any bacteria or moisture that may cause your pores to block. 
  • We recommend using the Antibacterial Honey Face wash. 

#2 Moisturise your skin and your lips before you apply your mask. 

  • Your skin will get very dry underneath your mask.
  • It is important to provide moisture before you wear your mask to provide all day hydration.
  •  We recommend using light face cream gel and a lip balm. 

#3 Don’t forget SPF! 

  • Not all of your face is covered make sure to apply SPF 
  • If you’re taking your mask on and off throughout the day in safe places then insure to apply sunscreen all over your face for sun protection. 
  • We recommend using Black Girl Sunscreen.


#4 Avoid makeup under your mask.

  • Makeup will make your acne worse as it will block your pores as it will cause a bigger buildup of bacteria and moisture. 

#5 Wash your mask or replace your mask daily! 

  • Remember not to use the same mask over and over again without washing it. 
  • To be as hygienic as possible it must be clean and fresh every time you wear it!

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3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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