“If I want something done the right way, I have to do it myself.” Jane Ormon - Founder

After years of struggling with acne, Jane Ormon set out to create her own skincare products that is not only good for your skin, but also good for the environment.

Rich Skxn aim to change the game for inclusitivity in retail by stocking innovative skin products by brands with brown and black founders, like Nolaskinsentials.


From essential ingredients to acne types, Jane research culminated in a brand that appreciated melanated skin and catered to health-conscious millennials. Nola is the  eco-friendly, plant-based, vegan skincare brand. 

People are more conscious of their decisions now and are understanding that every creature was placed on this earth with a purpose.

You can buy Nolaskinsentials on our website. 

3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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