“I was really in a bad place with my eczema and I couldn’t find good products, so I created my own.” 

Christen Elisabeth, the founder of Products By Lizzie, is dedicated to making individuals feel comfortable in their own skin through her all natural products.

Rich Skxn aim to change the game for inclusitivity in retail by stocking innovative skin products by brands with brown and black founders, like Products By Lizzie.

Lizzie's All-natural Products, are fresh, natural, toxin free products for your home and body. These products are made with real, pure, simple and plant based ingredients that are good for your skin from head to toe. 

The Shea Butter used in the products is sourced directly from Africa. Lizzie’s whips it and adds nutrients to the shea butter to give it a special touch.

You can buy Products By Lizzie on our website. 

3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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