Shaving Tips for Curly and Coarse Hair


Ingrown hair is when hair tends to curl back or grow sideways in your skin. 

This is common amongst people of colour as we have curlier and coarser hair.

If you don’t shave properly you can be left with acne and bumps, possibly with visible hair trapped inside them.

This can be painful and itchy as well as cosmetically disfiguring.

ingrown hair.png



People with coarse and curly hair are advised to avoid shaving very close to the skin. The following is recommended:

  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth

  • Use warm water to soften the hair and open the pores

  • Exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin
  • Prepare skin for shaving with pre-shave priming oil

  • After shaving exfoliate the skin again
  • Always moisturize after shaving to soothe the skin

  • If you do get razor bumps, avoid shaving until they heal (continuing to shave can lead to painful irritation and scarring)


Recomended products

3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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