Top 10 black owned skincare brands in the UK and USA

Finding skincare products that work for all skin types can be hard especially for those that have melanin-rich skin. So a lot of us find ourselves leaning towards black-owned skincare brands, because who knows our skin better than our own.

Here is our top 9 black owned skincare brands uk and usa that we absolutely love that just happened to be black-owned as well:

1. Nola skinsentials 

If you are not a Nola babe then you should consider. Nola skinsentials products  are plant-based and vegan friendly and help with acne and hyperpigmentation. Their products look and smell so delicious. Their Iconic Elixir is highly recommended especially for blemish-prone skin 

2. Black Girl Sunscreen 

There’s nothing much we can say that you won’t already know about this is a stand out brand. They pride themselves on catering to Melanin rich women who want sunscreen that leaves no white-cast, contains no parabens, or other harmful chemicals and protects the skin. I think they hit the nail on the coffin.

3. Golde 

Golde is a fun brand that is centred around wellness and making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty, and all their products are natural. I would highly recommend their Clean Greens face mask, it helps to promote clear and glowing skin. If you love lattes try their superfood Matcha latte too.

4. Narloa 

Narloa focuses on the power of aromatherapy and botanicals to create natural, therapeutic skin care, and all of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. If you haven’t already, try out their pink detox bath salts. It helps to relax your body, ease your mind and restore your spirit.

5. Pure Tropix 

If you have ingrown hair, scar and blemishes then Pure Tropix has got you covered. This all-natural skincare line that uses recipes, natural extracts and powerful antioxidants and ingredients from the Caribbean to help you achieve your desired skin.

6. Rosen Skincare 

A brand that's all about bringing you confidence with clean ingredients. Rosen creates products that are tailored to tackling acne and blemishes. You should try their Super Smoothie Cleanser which is packed with active fruit powders to help brighten and smooth your skin

7. Red Rose Naturals 

The best African black soap has to be from Red rose naturals. They make luxurious products that enhance your outer beauty and overall skin health with a blend of organic and natural ingredients. You should definitely try their African Black soap, it has amazing reviews, it is great for oily / acne-prone skin and offers relief from blemishes and eczema.

8. Our Lovely Goods 

They are a family-run brand that makes handcraft natural wax candles, and botanical skincare. Their Nourish botanical butter which is a rich and nourishing body butter with mango and shea butter, perfect for moisturising all skin types even children and pregnant skin.

9. Products by Lizzie 

If you are looking for a remedy for Eczema or itchy skin try Products by Lizzie. An all-natural, toxin-free brand with products made with real, pure, simple plant-based ingredients that are good for your skin. I would try their Eczema butter, they even have a formula for babies.

10. Naturally Tribal

Naturally Tribal uses a blend of  Natural African and other unique ingredients in their products to create enriching luxury skincare products. They do this by souring and turning natural seeds, nut trees and oils. Yara Body Food - Shea & Coconut is highly recommended,  Containing Shea Butter and coconut oil its only job is to nourish and protect sensitive skin 


The best thing is all these brands are available now on the Rich Skxn website.

3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

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