What toner is right for me?

There are so many different types of toners out there right now! This makes it so difficult to choose one and to make sure it is the best one for your skin. We've got you covered girl!

Here is a list of 5 different types of toners to help you choose the right one- 

Hydrating Toner

Good for all skin types

Lightweight and rehydrates and refreshes skin while restoring the skins natural pH balance.


Good for dehydrated and dull skin

A quick face mist keeps skin freshly hydrated and glowing all day. Can be used on the go to instantly seal in extra moisture.

Exfoliating Toner

Suitable for all skin types

Clears congested pores, oil build up and dead skin. Reveals a brighter, smoother complexion.

Rose Water Toner

Suitable for all skin types

Lightweight toner that helps to soothe, smooth and moisturise the skin. 100% pure and natural.

Alcohol Free Toner

Suitable for all skin types

Gentle hydration and soothing. Helps to protect and repair the skin barrier and create a heathy balance for the skin.






3 secrets to clear skin 

- Balance your hormones

- Increase your antioxidant intake

- Reduce your carbs & dairy intake

Rich Skxn