Rich Skxn is the ONLY online retailer for melanin-rich skin in the UK. 

Our goal is to become the world's leading skincare retailer for black and brown skin and change the game in the beauty retail space. 

Our dedication to educate our community about their melanin-rich skin and curate the most effective skincare products is what differentiates us from any other skincare retailers. Products we promote are carefully selected from various innovative indie brands and widely known brands to ensure we provide the most effective products that are best suited for black and brown skincare needs.

We aim to empower those with melanin-rich skin by demystifying myths about skincare for black and brown skin, showing more representation of black and brown skin, and giving black-owned brands a platform to showcase their amazing skincare products.

We pride ourselves on being the go-to skincare destination for melanin-rich skin and helping our community along their skincare journey to achieve healthier skin.

"The goal is healthy skin, and me and the team will help you towards achieving this. Your skin deserves the best curated, clean and effective." - Abi Shokeye, Rich Skxn Founder